Patient Testimonials

Dr. Jesh Tse's patients have left him testimonials.

Having recently moved from Alberta, I needed a new dentist. I choose Dr Tse mainly because of the information on the Aura website. Also, the dental office is very near where I live. I admitted to being a little scared because Dr Tse is new to me. My fears were alleviated as soon as I met Dr Tse and his wife, Tammy. They put me at ease straight away. Jackie did my x-rays in a very professional manner and Dr. Tse conducted my exam throughly and reviewed the x-rays with me. The dental office is very nice and I enjoyed a cappuccino after my exam!

Margaret G. , West Kelowna, BC

Three Visits and all the best yet from a Westbank Dentist

Dr. Tse takes time to do a good job and I have been more than satisfied each time. The staff are all friendly and caring and make you feel relaxed.

Anonymous, West Kelowna, BC
  It was a relaxing and professional experience and I'm very glad to have found you guys. Also, the clinic is lovely and inviting
Dawn B. , West Kelowna, BC

Very pleased with the first visit. I found all personnel to be very thorough and pleasant.Dr. Tse is a skilful and very satisfactory dentist.

Michael P., West Kelowna, BC

Excellent. Aura is truely the "Spa" of dentist offices. If your looking for friendly and caring staff in a relaxed environment, this is the place.

Anonymous, West Kelowna, BC

I had stopped going to my previous dentist because of the pain I would endure during and sometimes days after my appointments was not worth it to me. The cleaning went great I had no pain during or after. Jackie and Dr Tse are a pleasure to deal with. Thank you for a great dental experience.
Holly B., West Kelowna, BC

My first impression of the office was awesome you walk its clean and modern, not the typical clinical feeling i have experienced elsewhere. Greated by smiling faces and very unique reading material. My extraction was fantastic, i was comforted with my initial anxiety about the procedure, they made me feel at home with a tv and blanket, it was fast and friendly getting them out. The explination of my aftercare was great! It wasnt just "do this" or "dont do that" They explained why and how it made me feel more comfortable about caring for my 3 rather large holes. Thank you. I have already recommended you to 5 people and my boyfriend is changing to you also :)
Ashley C. , West Kelowna, BC
I found the staff friendly and professional and love the atmosphere of the office. This was the first time in my life I have had a dentist actually take the time to scale my teeth . Dr TSE is awesome . My 9 year old loved it too.
Georgina J., West Kelowna, BC

This is by far the BEST dental clinic I have ever been to. Dr. Tse and his dental team are extremely professional and very, very capable. I actually fell asleep while having a procedure done the other day. Who falls asleep in the dental chair? Only someone totally relaxed and confident in her dentist and his team!!

Deb J. , West Kelowna

I had a wisdom tooth that cracked in half and was causing severe pain. I got to AURA and was greeted by friendly upbeat staff. Was taken back right away after filling out very min. paperwork. The exam and xrays were done quickly & Dr.Tse was very friendly. He made sure i knew all my options and asked me several times how i was feeling or if i was uncomfortable. I had an infection in my tooth and and only part of my tooth was left. I was surprised as to how fast and pain free the extraction was. Dr.Tse has a very friendly manner, he works quick and is very thorough. The staff is nice, the office is beautiful and the price was great :) it is now almost twelve hours later and the freezing is out and there is no pain at all. Dr.Tse even took the time to discuss options for my severely anxiety riden child. i am very excited to have found such a great dentist and would recommend him 110% to anyone and everyone... i will be back to see him, i will bring my kids and i will continue to tell everyone i know how wonderful my experience was with Aura Dental clinic and Dr.Tse !

Cassie K. , West Kelowna